Halls of the Things 2008/2011/2014 Remake

Halls of the Things is a classic game for the ZX Spectrum created by:
Martin Horsley, Neil Mottershead and Simon Brattel (Design Design).

From Wikipedia:

In this game you have to guide your hero through seven floors of a tower, searching for seven rings.
Each floor is a complex maze of corridors and rooms. Once you have the rings you must then find
the magical key hidden in the dungeon, this key opens the drawbridge which will allow you to escape.
To hinder your progress, the things will attack you, but you are armed with a sword, arrows, fireballs
and lightning to aid you in your quest.


17/08/2014 Updated to v1.0.1 - Added a joystick setup menu and a build for linux x86 systems.
    Click here for more instructions and a playing guide.

08/07/2014 An updated version (Halls of the Things 2014) has been created which uses Unity 3D.
    Two versions are currently available: A web based player and a standalone download.

14/05/2011 An updated version (Halls of the Things 2011) has been created which uses SlimDX
    and .Net Framework 4 Client Profile. Hopefully this version will be more compatible with
    Windows Vista / 7 and 64-bit operating systems. A java based conversion is also in development
    and this should enable replay on non windows operating systems.


Design Design


World of Spectrum

Retrospec remake by Matt Smith

Halls Squared by Empirical Studios (Isometric)


The original source for this fantastic game has been made available and has now been ported to
Windows using C#, the dot Net Framework and DirectX. A couple of new features have been added.
But the original gameplay has been preserved as much as possible.



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If you have problems running the game please contact: eschdoom